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Black Brushed Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band 7mm

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$199.00 $89.00

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Product Code: LA-S0055
Product Details
Black Brushed Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band 7mm
Metal: Tungsten Carbide
Metal Color: Black Plating
Finish: Brushed
Style: Flat
Ring Width: 7mm
Ring Height: 2.4mm
Ring Fit: Comfort Fit
Approx. weight:

RingsLooking for the stylish women’s or men’s wedding band with personalized laser engraving? Choose this stylish band for Him or Her among our refined tungsten rings that will cost you less than precious metal based jewelry but will still look gorgeous at the engagement part or at a wedding. Save your best day’s memories with a touchy note engraved on the inner side of the tungsten ring. On the wedding or a special day, surprise your closest person with a meaningful gift. Custom made to fit any ring size. This item is only available in our company – exclusive engraving is applied.

Tungsten remains to be a remarkable material that has unique characteristics that are ideal for the manufacture of jewelry. Tungsten carbide ring can be called an eternal jewelry piece, because his views remain unchanged for many years: you can wear it every day, and it does not scratch, does not change its shade, and will be as brilliant as the first day you bought it and put on your finger. In addition, tungsten carbide remarkably durable material that is not bending and will not crack, which is very important for everyday wearing. Thanks to these properties, tungsten rings are preferred by newlyweds abroad who choose them as wedding as a symbol of eternal, undying and unchanging love.

Tungsten is a not a trivial metal and it will look really exclusively and unusually in jewelry pieces. Our LA Laser Jewelry services can help you make it even more personal and unique any means of refined laser engraving.

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