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Gold Plated Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band 8 mm Wide with Red and Black Carbon Fiber Inlay and Beveled Edge

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Product Code: LA-S0062
Product Details
Gold Plated Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band 8 mm Wide with Red and Black Carbon Fiber Inlay and Beveled Edge
Metal: Tungsten Carbide
Materials: Carbon Fiber
Color: Yellow Gold Plating / Red / Black
Finish: Polished
Style: Flat / Beveled Edge
Ring Width: 8mm
Ring Height: 2.4mm
Ring Fit: Comfort Fit
Approx. weight:

This tungsten carbide ring with red and black carbon fiber inlay is a perfect variant for those who are eager to look smart and elegant.

With the standard width 8 mm, the band does amaze with its magnificent look. Here we have the 2-tone beveled edge, which adds style to the ring; the inlay making it original and exquisite; the gold plating, which looks really luxurious. Due to these features, this wedding band has a very fancy and appealing look. Besides, the ring is hypoallergenic and comfort fit.

The use of laser engraving will make it unique-it may be some inscription which indicates a date, names, or just warm words embodying your love and affection.

Customer Reviews
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Cool ring!
This cool ring immediately caught my attention with its completely unique design, which I had not seen anywhere else before. The combination of different styles and trends in one accessory is exactly what you need to stand out in the sea of the same options that literally everyone has now. Also, this beautiful piece was quite inexpensive, which was an additional advantage when I bought it. Now, I can surely say that it is a hit!

  • Location:: Fresno, CA

When choosing a band, I was primarily focused on its design. Now there are so many identical models that I was completely disappointed. But I came across this accessory, and I was shocked because this is exactly what I was looking for so long. The unique design in combination with affordable price left no doubts. I was right because from the very first days of use this model has pleased me with its practicality and the absence of any external damage.

  • Location:: Culver City, CA

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