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Yellow Gold Plated Brushed Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band with Celtic Ornament and Polished Stepped Edge 6mm

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Product Code: LA-S0085
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The ring is beautiful!
When I first saw this tungsten band, I simply could not take my eyes off. It was so cool and unusual. I would like to note that first of all I was looking for the perfect combination of price and quality. When I found this band, I immediately realized that it was a suitable option, and indeed, years have passed, and it still shines and makes me happy with its beauty and resistance to damage.

  • Location:: Santa Clara, CA

Not long ago we could only dream of tungsten bands, but now it is quite accessible to all lovers of beautiful things. I just want to note that this accessory does not contain harmful substances. The product is very practical and fully meets modern requirements. Stylish designs, affordable price, uniqueness, resistance to damage, no irritation for the skin — the list of advantages can go on. One thing is important, this model is a real masterpiece and a work of art. An excellent and really practical option will be quite inexpensively, therefore, you risk nothing choosing it. All you get is a set of obvious advantages.

  • Location:: Alhambra CA

Now, it is extremely difficult to surprise people with a ring, but when you buy such a model it will be easy. Just look at this golden color! It’s fantastic, it is simply impossible to take your eyes off of it, it was this that played a decisive role when I chose the right. Specially curved edges emphasize the exclusive design of this accessory. But the appearance is not the only advantage of the band. I would also like to note the high level of practicality of the band and its resistance to external influences, which is extremely difficult to find on the market.

  • Location:: Brentwood, CA

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Product Details
Yellow Gold Plated Brushed Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band with Celtic Ornament and Polished Stepped Edge 6mm
Metal: Tungsten Carbide
Metal Color: Yellow Gold Plating
Finish: Brushed / Polished / Engraved
Style: Flat / Stepped Edge
Ring Width: 6mm
Ring Height: 2.4mm
Ring Fit: Comfort Fit
Approx. weight:

The first thing to be noted is superior quality of the ring, which is guaranteed by natural tungsten famous for its perfect endurance and reliability.

The wedding band is plated with yellow gold and has Celtic ornament, which makes it look very interesting and impressing. Due to this ornament, it doesn’t seem ordinary and hackneyed. The brushed surface looks not flashy and makes an extremely appealing contrast with the polished stepped edge of the band. A little dome on the inside of the strip results in a very comfortable fit-there will be no edges abutting against your finger.

The ring allows of laser engraving, which will make it special for you and your spouse.

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