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Wood Ceramic Wedding Band, 9mm

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$100.00 $70.00

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Product Code: LA-S8507-62
Product Details
Wood Ceramic Wedding Band, 9mm
Materials: Ceramic / Wood
Color: Black
Finish: High Polished
Style: Flat
Ring Width: 9mm
Ring Height: 2.4mm
Ring Fit: Comfort Fit
Approx. weight:

Wood ceramic wedding bands differ in large variety and popular design. A lot of extra elements are used for inlay in above rings- silver, gold, rock crystal and fine woods. Thin vertical grove imparts a particular charm to this band.

Jewelry manufacturers pay special attention to ceramics as very ease, plastic and strong material to create real masterpieces. Ceramic is an organic material completely that’s why its hypoallergic characteristics is not unimportant for some people. Ceramic bands maintain a shape and view for many years even with hard woks of owners.

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