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Titanium rings - strong as the love itself

Wedding fashion does not get tired to please us with interesting novelties, and titanium wedding bands - this is one of the most original and unique. Such durable ring perfectly symbolizes the life-long love. And this is why:

  • Titanium is one of the most durable metals on earth.
  • It is much lighter than gold or platinum, so even a massive ring will seem completely weightless.
  • This jewelry can be worn without removing day and night, for it is hypoallergenic and don’t irritate the sensitive skin as nickel alloys do.

Lightweight titanium rings are a perfect gift for a woman or a man for any reason. They can be given for an anniversary, graduation, and birthday. You can choose a beautiful ring as a keepsake. They suit every situation.

Titanium is not afraid of water or household chemicals. It will never rust, it will not be covered with stains and will not lose its beautiful color. Its lifetime is almost eternal. It is just perfect to create amazingly beautiful jewelry for available prices.

The natural color of titanium is silver gray, almost like platinum or white gold. But artists are able to give it all range of amazing colors up to rainbow.

Titanium rings are fashionable!

Today, titanium rings are very trendy, so jewelers offer wedding bands both for men and for women. They are very light and incredibly durable - people can wear them day and night without taking off, and they will never lose their original fine appearance. Everyone with great taste loves such jewelry.

The ring is barely felt on the finger - you can work, take a bath, or sleep having it on your finger. But experts advise not to wear it around the clock. You should take of the ring from time to time, to give the skin some rest. In addition, in hot weather, when the fingers swell, it is better not to wear the rings, so as not to interfere with the blood circulation.

The hardness of titanium allows it to retain all the smallest details of the finish, luxurious mirror shine or noble frosting. Scratching or deforming such a ring is almost impossible.

Also, titanium rings retain their color for many decades. This metal is chemically inert, and it does not react with any substances from the environment. If you choose titanium, even after many years its colors will be as fresh and bright as on your wedding day. Its natural beauty is not inferior to that of silver, gold or platinum.

Even the simplest smooth titanium rings look absolutely luxurious. And considering that titanium is much cheaper than gold, the newlyweds can afford rings with a bold and very beautiful design, decorated with diamonds and other precious stones at your selection. Titanium rings can be decorated with inlay of wood, an island of ceramic, and other sophisticated design details.

When making your choice you need to know exactly the required ring size, since it is almost impossible to increase or decrease it later.

Titanium rings are a luxurious wedding accessory that you can wear day or night. They will retain their original beauty for many decades and will surely bring you happiness.