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Tungsten Ring is always a shrewd choice

Tungsten rings easily compete with gold, silver and platinum ones. Today, many jewelry brands, including Tayloright, create and manufacture breathtaking tungsten jewelry.

Why are they so popular among buyers of all ages? The answer is clear. Tungsten is a very beautiful and very hard metal. It is almost impossible to damage such a jewelry.

A tungsten wedding band either for a man or for a woman is the most durable. It owes its great strength to the properties of tungsten:

  • The hardness of tungsten is up to 9 units on the Mohs scale, and it is second only to diamond, whose hardness is equal to 10.
  • Melting point is up to 2780 ° C. This means that if a ring is thrown into basaltic lava, it will not melt (so, it is even stronger than the famous One-Ring, also known as “My Precious”).
  • Only a diamond can scratch a tungsten ring, so its perfect polishing lasts almost forever.
  • Tungsten is almost not subject to corrosion. Having such ring on your finger, you can swim, do any household chores - it is not afraid of sea water or household chemicals.

Thanks to this unique hardness and durability, tungsten rings can symbolize unbreakable love and lifetime marriage much better than soft gold, which as soon as it faces life's challenges loses its luster.

Tungsten carbide is even stronger, but it is suitable only for those who are not allergic to nickel.

Another major advantage of bold tungsten rings is the following: the price of tungsten jewelry is much lower than that of gold or platinum.

Natural tungsten has a very beautiful gray color and a strong, scratch resistant luster that never fades. In appearance, it is difficult to distinguish it from expensive platinum. But jewelers are not limited to natural color alone. With the help of various additives to the alloy, they create stylish black, white, blue, red tints. They look absolutely gorgeous. Tungsten rings we sell can have various finish: inlay, engraving, inserts of precious stones or decorative wood, gunmetal etc., their surface can be mirrored, matte, richly patterned. They can be of any style and design. Any of these options looks perfect and matches people of any age.

If the couple wishes, their pair of rings can be custom engraved.

Interesting features of tungsten rings

Tungsten rings have a proud temper. Do not forget that tungsten is very hard, so when it comes into contact with other metals, it scratches them. Tungsten rings should be stored separately from other jewelry in individual packaging.

Before buying a tungsten or titanium wedding or commitment band, be sure to find out the size you need. The fact is that it is almost impossible to change the size of such a ring.

If the tungsten ring has a color coating, then it should be handled with care, since the coating does not have such strength as the metal itself.

Strong and beautiful like eternal love itself, tungsten rings will surely become a true family heirloom - after all, they retain their original brilliance throughout life, and do not need any repair or restoration.

We guarantee that you will be delighted with your new tungsten rings.