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10mm Tungsten Rings

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Not very long ago, tungsten rings were unheard of as an item of jewelry. Precious metals like gold, silver and platinum were ever-popular but faced some competition from steel and plastic rings which were more practical for everyday use.

However, steel and plastic do not have the ability to carry an essence of quality and desirability, not in weight, appearance nor in value. In those terms, they lag so far behind traditional metals that most people never consider them a viable option for their wedding bands.

The introduction of tungsten rings changed that. Tungsten is the hardest metal in the world, and the second-hardest material after diamond. It is the metal with the highest melting temperature and is one of the densest elements as well.

Together, these properties give it an aura of strength, quality and value that few other non-precious metals possess.

A Versatile Choice

Tungsten itself is so hard that it is brittle and cannot be formed into shapes. For this reason, it is combined with carbon to produce tungsten carbide, and this is the material from which all rings that are described as being produced from tungsten are actually made.

Tungsten carbide brings together the best of both worlds. It retains the substantial weight and resistance to deformation that is characteristic of tungsten, but combines it with a smooth finish that can incorporate a wide array of decorative features like:

  • Grooves;
  • Beveled edges;
  • Domed surfaces;
  • Inlays of all materials and designs.

10 mm black tungsten rings for men are one of the most popular variants of wedding bands we carry. The wide face of the band, the dark sheen and its weight give it a distinctly masculine aura.

Own a Personalized Ring

LA Laser Engraving of Los Angeles makes your black men’s tungsten ring uniquely yours by incorporating a complimentary message into the band. Choose yours now.