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Carbide Wedding Bands

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Men have traditionally never been keen to don jewelry and that has to be one of the most enduring fashion trends of all time. Even today, most men eschew jewelry and accessories altogether, or limit it to single piece, usually an engagement or wedding ring.

This characteristic male aversion to jewelry has led to the creation of lines that embody quiet elegance and strong but refined masculinity. Perhaps the most common and most successful of these is tungsten jewelry.

Tungsten Wedding Bands

So how has tungsten succeeded where so many other have failed? Tungsten is one of the hardest and densest materials on the planet. It is so hard, in fact, that true tungsten is too hard and brittle to be of practical use. What is commonly referred to as tungsten jewelry is in fact tungsten carbide, a combination of tungsten and carbon.

Pure tungsten is heavier than gold and although tungsten carbide is lighter, it still is 50% heavier than lead. It is virtually scratch-proof, which makes it ideal for use in wedding bands. Its substantial weight and resistance to pressure imbues it with the masculine ‘feel’ that men appreciate.

Tungsten carbide is also popular for its ability to take on a variety of appearances. Tungsten carbide rings for men are available in:

  • White;
  • Black;
  • Blue;
  • Steel gray.

They can also be polished to varying finishes ranging from a brushed appearance to a high shine. Additionally, inlays of wood, steel and carbon fiber in various colors creates endless possibilities. For a touch of added refinement, you may pick a tungsten band with gold plating.

Personalized Tungsten Bands for Him

Tungsten carbide bands are perhaps the most masculine option for him. If you want to soften it with a personal message or a monogram of both your initials, LA Laser Engraving in Los Angeles is the perfect place to get it done.