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Tungsten Ceramic Rings

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Tungsten carbide is one the most widely known and used tungsten derivatives, and it has made quite a significant mark on the jewelry scene since its arrival in the arena not very long ago. It is seen as a very rugged, very masculine material. At the same time, tungsten ceramic rings have become immensely popular among individuals looking for non-traditional rings for men.

What is Tungsten Ceramic?

Many people associate the word 'ceramics' with pottery and porcelain; they are quite right, in a sense, because a ceramic is a compound of a metal and a non-metal. However, tungsten ceramic, which is created when tungsten combines with carbon, is different because its physical properties are unlike most other ceramics.

Tungsten itself is very hard, almost as hard as diamond which is the hardest material we know. This imbues tungsten carbide with strength, and resistance to deformation and scratching that cannot be matched by any other compound or metal.

In fact, when a tungsten carbide ring has been polished, it becomes the only metal compound in the world that will permanently retain that polish. This is because it is:

  • 5 times harder than steel;
  • 4 times harder than titanium.

Tungsten ceramic is also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for virtually everyone to wear.

Tungsten ceramic rings are lighter than tungsten carbide ones, which may or may not appeal to everyone’s tastes. However, tungsten ceramic rings can be created in a pure black color, something that is not possible with tungsten carbide, which retains a grey appearance unless coated with another substance.

Personalized Tungsten Ceramic Rings

A tungsten ceramic wedding band or engagement ring is a contemporary expression of your love and a testament to your irreverent personality. Let LA Laser Engraving of Los Angeles customize this unique accessory to create something truly personal to symbolize the special relationship you share.