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Women's wedding bands

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Moissanite carat range 0 ct
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Band width 2 mm.
Ring size 5

A wedding ring should be durable to signify the strength of the union it represents. Tungsten rings are known for their long-lasting nature and the fact that they are highly resistant to corrosion and tarnishing.

Tungsten rings are customarily made for men due to their bulky nature. However, we design rings specifically for women with delicate, high quality finishes. They are lighter and thinner than men’s rings although they are just as durable.

Tungsten is completely scratch resistant and easy to customize in whatever finish you prefer. They naturally occur in a light gray color. The strong material can produce exquisite rings with a lustrous glow that will last for a notably longer duration than other rings. They are also very hard to manipulate and so it cannot crush your finger when pressures are subjected to it. The material can however be cut in case of emergency.

Tungsten wedding bands for women have a small amount of nickel incorporated into them to increase their luster. The amount of nickel added is negligible and as such, you should not be worried about allergic reactions. Furthermore, the nickel serves to make the rings lighter and tighter for women.

Getting tungsten wedding rings for women is not an easy feat. This can be attributed to the fact that tungsten bands cannot be resized. They are however very affordable and available in a variety of finishes. Different rings are priced differently depending on the quality of the finish and the stone it has been set with.

Enjoy our wide selection of pre-made and customized tungsten wedding rings. We also offer the option of further personalization with a free custom laser engraving service where you can add a name or a significant date on to the ring to further suit your preference. The rings are set with diamonds or rubies or sapphires, depending on the preference of the buyer.