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Tungsten Rings Wood Inlay

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Not very long ago, tungsten was not a material anyone would associate with wedding bands. Today, this metal, which exhibits some very remarkable physical properties, is transforming the world of jewelry.

Tungsten rings are actually made of a material called tungsten carbide, a combination of tungsten and carbon. This compound retains the characteristics which make tungsten such a reliable metal, including its extreme hardness, resistance to scratching, and a high melting point. However, it also eliminates tungsten’s characteristic brittleness, resulting in a very versatile and hardy material.

Tungsten carbide’s tough features have created an aura around it which is the main reason for the popularity of tungsten rings. This is quite likely the reason that they are decidedly more popular as men’s rings, although not exclusively so.

While the dark sheen of natural tungsten carbide appeals mainly to the male sense of style, colored tungsten rings have made an impression on the scene, too. These designs appeal more widely to women.

Wood Inlay Tungsten Rings

Besides the introduction of color, the design of tungsten rings has also diversified in other respects. One of these is the insertion of inlays, and wood inlay tungsten rings possess a wider appeal than almost any other design.

While the design of the wood grain on the inlay can vary significantly in itself, the color of the tungsten ring is also a crucial feature. Some of the popular designs we carry are available in:

  • Black tungsten;
  • Blue tungsten;
  • Silver (polished) tungsten.

They work just as well in wedding bands for men and for women.

The Perfect Ring

Despite tungsten being second in hardness only to diamond, it is possible to engrave tungsten carbide rings. An engraved message is the ideal way to imbue your special ring with even more personal meaning.

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