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What is a Gemstone

Design and cut of Diamonds

Facet is called a process of grinding during which apply the planes for giving a stone of various forms of the diamond. The planes are called sides or fat seta. As a result, with faceting techniques such properties of diamond as color, gloss and «play of light” and “fire”, and also diamond “charm” opens, at the same time, it is possible to hide natural shortcomings, for example, superficial and internal defects with it too. Presently three main types of facet are applied: a diamond facet, an ancient step facet, and mixed which is a combination of the two first types of a facet of the diamonds such rings were extra popular back then Asscher cut engagement ring and Asscher cut diamond engagement rings also Asscher cut diamond engagement rings vintage.

The diamonds facetted and types of a faceted form

Various combinations of forms of the diamonds facetted and types of a faceted form there is, but however, there are 10 popular forms of a most popular diamonds faceting for Asscher cut diamond engagement rings and Asscher cut diamond engagement rings vintage. The name of a facet of diamond is determined by a contour from the platform and quantity of sides, and a diamond facet type — a form of sides and the principle of their arrangement relatively each other. Before the beginning of the last century, popular was the facet type “rose” it was fashionable at that time, but it ceased to be in demand from the moment of emergence of a modern diamond faceting.

The classical diamond faceting on 57 sides has gained recognition as the most beautiful and most often used form of a diamond faceting which is created for an optimum combination of gloss and “game” of light, a full disclosure of jewelry properties of diamond. A light which gets through the top platform in diamond refracts and reflected from the lower sides, then turns into a rainbow and then comes back outside of the front side.

The modern round faceting has been invented by the mathematician Marcel Tolkovski who in 1919 on the basis of the principle of full internal reflection and calculations which are carried out by him has offered a geometrical form of round diamond in which optical properties of diamond are shown most favorably. It is accepted to call such diamond ideal or classical. After Tolkovski many practices and scientists dealt with a problem of calculation of rational proportions and geometrical parameters of ideal diamond which would consider not only properties of diamonds but also traditions of a faceting. Now four recognized types of a facet of a round diamond with 57 (the 58th side the kallett is considered) sides are known: Tolkovski, Johnson and Ryocha, Eppler, and also Scandinavian diamond facet.

Сhoice of a form of a diamond

At the choice of a form of a diamond, faceting considered not only preferences and taste or styles, but also an initial form of diamond raw materials. Sometimes, for reduction of big loss of weight of diamond of rather initial weight of a not facetted diamond, so-called fantasy forms of a diamond facet are used. The majority of types of a fantasy facet can be divided into three groups: a modified diamond facet, a step facet, the mixed diamond faceting.

On the faceting, a step is often possible to see diamonds of square, rectangular or trapeze like forms. Sides of diamond on faceting step appear in a form of a rectangle or a trapeze and are always located parallel to a boundary line (a side which divides diamond on top and lower sides). At a step facet there is some loss in “game”, “fire” and flashes of light in comparison with a diamond facet, but at the same time, the attention is focused on transparency and purity of a diamond.

The step of faceting can be seen often on diamonds of such forms as square, rectangular or trapeze. Sides of diamond on a faceting step in a form rectangle or a trapeze, and are always located parallel to a boundary line (a side which divides diamond on top and lower parts). At a step faceting there are some losses in “game of light”, “fire reflections” and flashes of light in comparison with a classical diamond faceting, but at the same time, the attention is focused on transparency and purity of a diamond.

The modified diamond faceting can be carried to the most widespread type of a facet of diamonds as the standard diamond faceting. It can be modified effectively in a set of various forms, at the same time has kept a number of sides and the principles of an arrangement relatively each other. The diamonds faceting by a modified diamond cut gives “lights play” and fascinate by the flashes at least fo round diamonds.

The mixed facet of diamond

The mixed facet of diamond combines property of a step facet to keep the initial weight of a diamond and a benefit of a diamond facet in a demonstration of “game of light” and optical properties of diamond. For the first time, the mixed facet appeared in the middle of XX of a century when it was shown to consumers. A diamond stone in the crown facet and the step facet of a pavilion, then the facet of princess diamond which is such popular today were presented to the world, that yields to exclusively round diamond facet is very popular this day. Nowadays Asscher cut of diamonds are used to, in combination with engagement rings such as Asscher cut diamond engagement rings, Asscher cut diamond engagement rings vintage.

The search of an ideal facet and optimum forms doesn’t stop and today. Use of modern technologies of modeling and the accumulated knowledge of diamond and the dynamics of the distribution of light allows inventing all new and new forms of diamond.

Also, we suggest you study the comparative table of correspondences of caratage of diamonds of various forms of a faceting to their physical size.
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